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da club is full o ballas

Sunflower8289 returned at 3:48:48 PM.
Sunflower8289: lyrics to 8 songs on the new cd
aPiratesXLife4Me: have you watched the video yet?
Sunflower8289: no, it still wont work
aPiratesXLife4Me: WHAT!
Sunflower8289: those lyrics are amazing, it will be an amazing cd
aPiratesXLife4Me: Get your ass over to my house right now!
Sunflower8289: i have guitar...otherwise i would
aPiratesXLife4Me: what time is it over?
Sunflower8289: i think at like 630, unless he keeps me longer, musicians..they are never organized
Sunflower8289: omg, i forgot to tell you
aPiratesXLife4Me: well i don't care if its 6:30 or 7:30 or whenever it is over
aPiratesXLife4Me: just get your butt over here and watch this!
Sunflower8289: on the preordered cd, lasting impressions is a hidden track, but its only on the preordered so ill have to burn it for you
aPiratesXLife4Me: omg!!!!
aPiratesXLife4Me: i need to order this bitch!
Sunflower8289: are you reading those lyrics...cause i dont think you are
Sunflower8289: ...
aPiratesXLife4Me: i<3 making love to the camera
Sunflower8289: yea lol
aPiratesXLife4Me: After all this time, I'm still taken by surprise
Every time that a stranger calls my name
For a picture to take, it happens every day.

Sunflower8289: he scared of the band getting too big
Sunflower8289: I swear I'll still be the same as I was as a seed
aPiratesXLife4Me: <3 i love them just the way they are
Sunflower8289: i heard artistic lisence, it was originally called scream sleep. it was on media plater for like a week. its an amazing song
Sunflower8289: "stay where i can see you" makes me go gggggggggggrrrrRRrRrRRRRRRRRRRR
aPiratesXLife4Me: lol
Sunflower8289: which song are you on
aPiratesXLife4Me: Ready
aPiratesXLife4Me: i'm jumping around
Sunflower8289: We'd have everything we need
You'd have me, and I'd have you
Sunflower8289: can i get an awWWW
aPiratesXLife4Me: <3awWWW
Sunflower8289: you read all of them up to ready?
aPiratesXLife4Me: no i have like 5 left
Sunflower8289: did you skip
aPiratesXLife4Me: yeak
aPiratesXLife4Me: *yeah
aPiratesXLife4Me: i told you i was
aPiratesXLife4Me: lol
Sunflower8289: lol
aPiratesXLife4Me: i'm on artistic license
Sunflower8289: aka scream sleep...
aPiratesXLife4Me: hehe si
Sunflower8289: lol
aPiratesXLife4Me: i know your gonna hate me but..... check my profile
Sunflower8289: your on aim i cant
aPiratesXLife4Me: ok :-)
aPiratesXLife4Me: you can't hatwe me then
Sunflower8289: tell me
aPiratesXLife4Me: I can name all 50 states 48 get in the way. From me being next to you. If it were up to me We'd have everything we need. You'd have me, and I'd have you.

All we need is a reason For us to dance, dance, dance 'til the break of dawn. All I need is a hook now For us to shout, shout, shout these words out.

aPiratesXLife4Me: i hate to say it but..... i LOVE that song
aPiratesXLife4Me: !
Sunflower8289: i hate the girl but i think that might be on of my favorite songs
Sunflower8289: lol
aPiratesXLife4Me: me dos!
Sunflower8289: i know i cant wiat for it
aPiratesXLife4Me: hehehe
aPiratesXLife4Me: now if she would just break his heart or.... disapeare or... get eaten by wild dingos..... everything would be fine
Sunflower8289: i think its th sweetest love makes my heart go pitter patter
aPiratesXLife4Me: and there wouldn't be 48 states between him and us, just one
aPiratesXLife4Me: my heart rces when i read it <3
aPiratesXLife4Me: *races
Sunflower8289: tecnically...there arent 48 states between them, kenny cant count lol
Sunflower8289: but it is still very sweet
aPiratesXLife4Me: lol
aPiratesXLife4Me: i'm ur it must feel like 48, and thats what counts
Sunflower8289: yea lol
aPiratesXLife4Me: or i just have no idea what i'm saying and should stop defending him
aPiratesXLife4Me: lol
Sunflower8289: lol yea that too
Sunflower8289: but im sure he would appreciate it very much
aPiratesXLife4Me: yeah, maybe he would :-)
aPiratesXLife4Me: I NEED A TISSUE!
Sunflower8289: lol

Auto response from aPiratesXLife4Me: I'v got big, big plans and they've got to mean something more than just once. i just don't know what i want.

aPiratesXLife4Me: i can breathe again!
Sunflower8289: amazing lol
aPiratesXLife4Me: woulderful invention, the tissue
Sunflower8289: i know, the tecnologly of today
aPiratesXLife4Me: heh
Sunflower8289: i want my cd...
Sunflower8289: now
Sunflower8289: christa...go get it for me
aPiratesXLife4Me: just so ya know i'm grabbing one for myself
aPiratesXLife4Me: too
aPiratesXLife4Me: lol
Sunflower8289: lol ok. but you should be on your way to the drive thru stock room right about now
aPiratesXLife4Me: then you should im me in 3 seconds and find out about it
aPiratesXLife4Me: start counting...........
aPiratesXLife4Me: now!
Sunflower8289: 1
Sunflower8289: 2
Sunflower8289: 3
Sunflower8289: what happend
Sunflower8289: ...

Auto response from aPiratesXLife4Me: on my way to DTR store room. PEACE OUT.

Thats how we roll

Sunflower8289: lol
aPiratesXLife4Me: some things are worth waiting for

Just thought i'd share the love with the rest of you guys.<3. Hope you enjoyed.

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